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This Is Hugo’s Story

Think back to a time when prohibition ruled over America. Dark times for some. For others, a time of opportunity and prosperity. One who seized the moment was Mr Hugo A Chile.

Hugo was born 27 June, 1905. He was only 15 when the prohibition came into effect, about the time he was taking over his fathers mini-home distillery. Originally learning his craft to support the now fatherless family, Hugo created unthinkable profits by running rum to LA. Back then this journey would take 9 weeks each way, but after the third journey he was able to buy a lorry. After the fifth run he had his distribution network established.

He never looked back.

When you enter Casa Publica, you’re entering Hugo’s world.

Come, sit and savour the taste, the obsessions, and the lifestyle of a man whose time begged the bending of rules, a little ruthlessness, a lot of rum, and an insatiable obsession for women’s shoes.